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Friday, 25 February 2011

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City: London, England
Offer type: Sell
Price: £10


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Beautifully handcrafted natural stone guitar picks.
Many different stone types to choose from.
The stone we use is chosen for the hardness so the picks are very durable and have the potential to last a lifetime.
These guitar picks bring out a wonderful tone in stringed instruments. The stone picks do not absorb any of your instruments voice so you will finally hear the true sound of your instrument.
The edges of the pick are bevelled to provide excellent playability, these picks will not harm your strings.
The picks maintain their grip even under the sweaty conditions on stage…you will love playing these picks!
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We mail your purchases within 2 days of receiving payment.
Shipping in Canada is 2.00 and packages are generally delivered in 5 business days.
see a review of our Picks of Stone by Mark Thompson for, a leading online UK guitar magazine.
Well I just received my last two orders of picks (over 80 now) and they are Great. I always enjoy playing with them, everyone wants to know how I'm getting the sound out of my guitars that I'm able to achieve! I just tell them you have to just get STONED! Love the picks, can't get enough of them.
These picks are outstanding for extreme metal. Not only do they facilitate speed picking, they add a 'savage edge' to the sound.
Fabulous stuff!
I am very excited by the experimenting I have done so far. I am getting some very cool, interesting sounds out of my guitars. The 3m pick is producing some sounds on my 1978 Ibanez Concord which when stroked the right way on D and A chords sound almost harp like. The picks definately make a much louder sound than plastic. I have a 1976 Yamaha FG335 that has a pickup in it and it's hooked up to a Marshall acoustic amp. I am very impresssed with the sound when I am plugged in and doubt I will use the old plastic picks much if at all in future when I am playing using the amp.
Your stone picks are great. They give my guitars different voicing’s and they can really ramp up the volume on an acoustic. Different thicknesses and bevels on the edges all provide different voicing’s and all produce different results on my various guitars. I really like the stone picks for both acoustic playing and when I am playing through and amp.
hey guys! W-O-W is the word I'll use. I am more than satisfied with everything! You guys are truly A. The package with the pick was organized, safe and it shipped very fast! For sure i will come back and check out new things too! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Two great picks; agate & obsidian; each give my Seagull acoustic and my Fender strat a rich, full sound; 'specially my Seagull. And they're works of art to boot! Thanks again for such a unique and beautiful way to make my guitars special! I'll be back! Just wanted to let You know how pleased I am!
My husband loves his new picks!! Great quality, fast shipping and the packaging for shipping was quite amazing. I'll definately be back for gift giving.
I play the Chinese zhongruan, and I tried an obsidian pick-POW- it blew my mind; volume increased five fold, the dynamic range as well, and attack was just crazy! That sold me, COMPLETELY! I'll be ordering more soon.
My picks arrived today and they are beautiful. Not to mention the clarity and tone. Thanks again.
These picks are my plectrums of choice. The variety of tones arising from factors including gauge, MOH scale, etc is incredible. Tone is the deal and always will be. The selection allows me to assemble a formidable sonic palette to be used on both acoustic and electric instruments. Thanks to all at Fragments Of The Past.
Cordell M Dickerson
I must commend you on your craft. Your picks are like works of art, almost like playing with pieces of jewelry. I was using one of the heavier obsidians, 2.4mm I think, and at one point I stopped, totally astounded by the sounds I was getting out of my ruan. After over thirty years of using plastic picks your “fragments of the past” are a true revelation that will have a profound effect on the way I make music.