Registered nurse - London

Monday, 12 July 2010
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Item details

City: London, England
Salary: £23,000



Item description

You will be responsible for the assessment of care needs, the planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care. Participate in the supervision of the junior staff. Participate in induction programme for new staff.Expected to act in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct.

You will have some Management Responsibility

Participate in supervision of Junior Nurses and Care Assistants.

Liase with Senior Care Assistants on each shift.

Report all accidents / untoward incidents and ensuring relevant documentation is completed.

Undertake delegated responsibilities from the Nurse in Charge.

Develop an awareness of cost implications and exercise economy when using or ordering medical samples.

Participate in the investigation of complaints where necessary.

Participation in the promotion of safety, well being and interests of the clients, staff and all visitors to the home.

Participate in the appraisal system.


The Post Holder will:

Maintain his / her own professional status and should ensure that the NMC requirements for registration are adhered to.

Maintain a Personal Professional Profile.

Maintain good relationships and communication with all involved in the resident’s care and well-being.

Maintain good relationships and effective communication with clients, relatives, carers and other professionals visiting the home.

Act as an advocate for the client and / or carer when necessary.

Participate in residents reviews and staff meetings.

Keep up to date with current issues and developments in nursing and healthcare.

Ensure that information processed for both residents and staff is kept accurate, confidential and secure in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the homes’ Confidentiality Policy.

3.Education and Training

The Post Holder will:

Pursue his / her own professional development.

Assist in the teaching and supervising of junior members of staff.

Act as a mentor / assessor for junior staff.

Participate in the orientation and induction of new staff.

Develop his / her managerial skills.

Attend all mandatory training / update sessions.


The Post Holder will:

Be responsible for the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of nursing care.

Assist in developing an environment, which supports the value of nursing care.

Carry out clinical duties in accordance with the homes procedures and policies.

Responsible for the correct use and maintenance of equipment.

Assist in the monitoring of standards of care according to the homes policies and procedures.

5.Risk Management Responsibilities

It is a standard element of the role and responsibility of all staff of the home that they fulfil a proactive role towards the management of risks in all of their actions. This entails the risk assessment of all situations, the taking of appropriate actions and reporting of all incidents, near misses and hazards.

The Post Holder will:

Demonstrate effective safe management of the home to ensure the safety of staff and others affected by the daily activities.

Has a responsibility for implementing all Policies and Procedures, the health and safety at Work Act, COSHH regulations, fire regulations and manual handling regulations.

All employees have a responsibility to: -

•Ensure they work in accordance with all the homes Policies and Procedures.
•Ensure they provide incidents reports and supporting documentation for any unexpected event or incident they are involved in.

6.Health & Safety

All employees of the home have a statutory duty of care for their own personal safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. Employees are required to cooperate with management to enable the home to meet its own legal duties and to report any circumstances that may compromise the health, safety and welfare of those effected by the home undertakings.

All information which identifies individuals in whatever form (paper/pictures, electronic data/images or voice) is covered by the 1998 Data Protection Act and should be managed in accordance with his legalisation.

7.Policies and Procedures

All home employees must observe and adhere to the provisions outlined in the policies and procedures manual.

8.Equal Opportunities

The home provides a range of services and employment opportunities for a diverse population. As an employee you are expected to treat all residents and work colleagues with dignity and respect irrespective of their background.