Let me tell you a short story - London

Monday, 21 August 2017

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City: London, England
Offer type: For Free


Contact name MC

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Eating pussy is my art. I start gently, preferably after a soothing massage paying special attention to your ass. Massaging each cheek and inner thighs. Your pussy will feel a little pressure where your ass meets your inner thighs but just enough to get the blood flowing. You know what will come because this session will be about kissing and licking your pussy. It turns you on thinking about it. Your clit is swelling a little. I gently graze your pussy while you're lying on your stomach to feel your wetness. A nice massage up your back and shoulders.

Time to turn over. I can feel you wanting your breasts massaged. With a little oil I gently massage them - from collar down through and under cupping them and squeezing gently. I give each nipple a gentle kiss. Time to get my lips involved.

I run my hands slowly down your sides down to your thighs and stroking up to your pussy. You're very wet now and longing for attention.

I give your right knee a tongue kiss and kiss up your leg and inner thigh closer and closer. A kiss right outside your lips. Now the other side of your pussy gentle tongue kisses. I want to give your clit a kiss. I do. So soft and sweet. I need more. I settle in head between your legs. One nice stroke of my tongue from bottom up to your sweet clit. You taste amazing.

I kiss your clit again sucking just a little. Both thumbs gently stroke your labia as I suck it lightly. My hand under your left cheek - other hand between your stomach and pussy pulling up gently to expose your clit a little more I focus my attention on your clit. Teasing it with my tongue flicking them stroking - flicking and stroking. I like teasing you bad girl. You love having your little pussy eaten. It feels so good. You're gonna want to cum.

I bring my right hand up and rub your clit, then back to licking I put one finger in you as I sick your clit - testing if you like it and want it. You're moaning. I continue sucking and licking you and I fuck you slowly with my finger.

I bury my face back between your legs - shaking my head side to side with lips on your clit - exciting you bringing you close to orgasm. Now sucking a little while shaking. I can feel you coming close. I put more pressure fast head movement. You're gonna cum. Your orgasm is strong and sweet and I can tell is a sexy release for you. I stay there just kissing