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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

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City: London, England
Offer type: For Free


Contact name Steve
Phone 07799163113

Item description

You will only be interested in this posting if you fit into what I want and I am what you might be looking for: I am a 51 year old dominant Daddy with a hairy chest, 5’ 9” average body, a dirty mind, a big pair of balls and a thick 8.25 inch cock.

I like being in control and appreciate a woman who likes a man in charge: a woman who knows how to kneel before a man; a woman who knows how to present her 3 holes to man in a respectful and obedient way and a woman who knows how to be a slut and beg for cock.

This is for you if you are single (or with a partner) and only if you are aged up to 32 and only if you are adventurous and want more than normal sex. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you want to be or try to be the slut I am looking for. Think of it this way: you are a ‘respectable’ woman, either single or married, with a male partner and working, being ‘normal’ in your mind and then when you are with me being the slutty bitch you want to be; on your knees begging for cock, working that dildo in and out of your pussy as I slide my thick inches into your mouth and shuddering as you cum hard and call out my name, telling “Daddy” or “SIR” or “MASTER!” that you are cumming for me.

It’s a fantasy; it’s roleplay; it’s doing something in private that only you, me, your partner or your girl-friend will know about. When you are naked or wearing the silky black stockings or collar; when you are on all fours and begging for my cock, wanting to lick my balls, kiss with me, feel my fingers opening the pussy, feeling me licking that pussy and asshole and getting hotter and hotter … then you will know it is what you want more of.

Maybe you have a fetish, a desire, something you haven’t done before or want to try? It could be spanking or being talked to in a sexually aggressive and dominant manner? Maybe you just want to be naked with me and your partner or female friend, begging to slide your lips over and down my hard thick inches? You want to be sucking my cock with your eyes fixed on me as I tell you are a slut, a ho and bitch and belong to me?

It’s not always about fucking: sometimes the hottest, horniest and most exciting times are when you ae made to experience denial or cum hard using a dildo, vibrator or your own hands. To be working that pussy on your back facing me, me telling you in a demanding and aggressive way to work harder, then reaching over to twist your nipples, spank your ass and shouting at you to cum for me – now that is exciting and fulfilling! Working hard to please a stranger. Using your body to reach a climax with someone watching. Then you know why you are working hard to reach sexual satisfaction.

I respect privacy and discretion on your part and I respect your privacy above everything else. What happens in your home is between me, you, your partner and whoever else you want to invite.

I live in London. I ONLY travel and I am free evenings, anytime weekends and usually anytime on Thursdays and Fridays.

I am educated and I can sweet and sexy but the people I meet with are looking for that verbal domination: the dirty talk, the demanding manner, that roleplay fetish that makes sex hard and horny and utterly exciting!

You need to talk to me to arrange a time and place to meet but there are things you need to know beforehand:
•I never meet unless I have talked to you (and your partner if you have one/or friend) beforehand. This helps me decide what you are looking for and what I can offer
•I have photos that I can send after we have talked
•I only practice safe sex
•You should be of legal age (and so should your partner!) and no older than 32. Yes, I know what I want and so should you. I have been with young couples aged 19-20; with single women in their early and late 20s; with married couples in their late 20s and with women in their early 30s. (If you are a couple and want your male partner to join in – that is fine with me and I’m chilled and relaxed about that and so should he be!) *I do not meet with anyone over the age range I am looking for.
•If I travel outside London to you then I expect to be looked after in terms of travel and refreshments – otherwise anything in London is down to me.
•I am interested in single females and couples who want to try something new but if you are already experienced and want an older man to join in, then it’s good with me. (*If you and/or your partner are 17-18 and want to try an older man, then that’s legal and okay. I do not do anything unsafe or illegal!)

The next step is for you to think about what you have read and decide if it is for you and your partner (or you alone) or you and a girl-friend. Then talk to them and then both of you talk to me.

Call me and we can discuss what you want and I am always willing to answer questions.

Steve 07799 163 113
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