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Monday, 13 August 2018
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City: London, England
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It had been a great evening, dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, a walk along the canal, interesting conversation about travel, languages, philosophical ideas, then back to his flat for a night in watching a film you had wanted him to see for some time, something with Maggie Gylenhaal and James Spader. You followed him in through the door, kicking off your shoes and tossing your bag down on the floor, when suddenly he turned and smacked you hard across the face. 'Wha...wha...' you stammered, dumbfounded, feeling your eyes fill with tears as you looked into his suddenly stern face. He said nothing, so finally you managed to summon the strength to ask 'What did I do wrong?' SMACK! Another hard slap right across the face, and this time the tears were rolling down your face, and you could taste their bitter saltiness, mixed with the bitter confusion of not knowing what was going on. You instinctively made an effort to put your hand to your face, but one look in his eyes convinced you this was not a good idea.
Recovering yourself, you lowered your face, and in a measured and stable tone that surprised you, given the state of your stinging cheek and the wetness flowing down your face, you asked 'How has this kitten offended you, master? What can she do to make amends?'
He stood there a moment longer, and you felt like an eternity was passing by, before finally his perfect voice responded 'Why are your shoes and bag strewn across my hallway floor?' You froze, realising how foolish you had been. You wracked your brain, trying to think of the best way to answer, before finally allowing a jumbled and confused mess of apologetic and tangled words to spill forth. 'I'm sorry master... it's just... I thought... we...' Suddenly you felt your hair being pulled and your head jerked forth, him pulling you close to his face, as you let out a little shriek. You continued to look down at the ground, the tears flowing freely now, little half stifled sobs coming up from your throat.
Thought? You thought? It seems to me that thinking was the last thing you were doing, don't you agree?'
Yes master' You replied, quickly and obediently.
Kitten, do you know what kind of girls toss their shoes and bags on other people's hallway floors?'
No, Master. What kind of girls do that?' You asked, trembling now.
Filthy whores. Filthy whores who want their soft parts to be turned red. Are you that kind of girl?'
No, Master, I'm a good and obedient girl.' Another little shriek as his grip tightened in your hair.
Don't lie to your master. You're already in enough trouble as it is.'
Sorry, master. Yes, I am that kind of girl. I am a filthy whore that wants to have her soft body parts turned red in whatever way my master deems suitable. I'm sorry I tried to hide that, master. I'm sorry I made a mess of your hallway floor. I'm such a bad girl. Please punish me.'
That's better, kitten. Now, listen,' his grip softening ever so lightly. 'You go make yourself ready and we can curl up on the sofa and watch your film. I'll let you snuggle in to me, and then after the film is over I am going to have to punish you for being such a filthy, dirty, inconsiderate, whore. Do you understand.'
Yes, master. Thank you, master.' Knees weak, tingling with excitment now.
Good girl. Now, off you go, and this time be a little less messy.' He patted you softly across your bottom and kissed you on the forehead as he released his vice like grip of your hair. You looked up into his eyes, unable to contain your gleeful smile, and shouted out 'Thank you master! You're the best master ever!' as you wrapped your arms around him, gave him a huge hug, before scampering off into the bedroom to get into your movie watching pyjamas, filled with thoughts of the night to come. Snuggling with your master, while watching your favourite film! How lucky could a girl get?

I am an experienced master, gifted with a way with words that many claim to have, but few can fulfill.
I am tall. I have dark hair. I am white. I am male. I am looking for a female. I am fit and healthy. To find out more, as well as my other gifts, please contact me.